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sort of a chilly start. had a little front went through yesterday. that has dropped our temperatures in some of the suburbs in the lower 40s. generally clear skies but a few clouds. what happens with the infrared satellite, some of the cold ground temperatures and clouds, sometimes they sense them the same. it's 30 in oakland in glare rhett county. 39 in orange, virginia with 47 at andrews and 49 here in d.c. our highs this afternoon going into the low 60s. here's monika at 6:00 a.m. timesaver traffic. two separate accidents this morning. one in maryland on montgomery county side and one in virginia. i'll start off with the north side of town. it's a tractor-trailer or truck that hit a pole on the ramp from the outer loop of the beltway to get here on to the northbound side of route 355. it may be causing some delays closer in trying to exit through that area. first on the beltway at university boulevard, i believe on the outer loop the brake lights will begin closer to connecticut avenue as you head for route 355. let's go back over to our maps, another accident. 66 on the inbound side, it's
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been incident free all week long but not this morning. inbound near route 28 in centreville, the accident in the left center lane. look at all that red. 16 miles an hour right now trying to get through there. stay to the right or the left to get through that incident. we'll take a live look first on the inbound side of 66. this is in manassas. you can see how slow it is trying to get to centreville. beyond that you're fine to vienna. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:11. at 6:01, we continue to follow breaking news out of baltimore. that's where four children and annual adult were killed this morning after a quick moving fire gutted their home. this is on denwood avenue. that's in northeast baltimore. these are live pictes from the scene. two firefighters were hurt in this blaze. authorities say one of them fell through the second floor and landed in the basement. crews put out the fire and now police and arson investigators are working to determine what sparked this killer blaze. the washington nationals
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need to win today just to stay in the series. >> that's because they were shut out yesterday in their first post-season game at home against the cardinals 8-0. kristin fisher joins us live from nats park with a look ahead at game four. mike thinks it's because we let teddy win. what are the nats saying about what happened? >> reporter: nats fans are just, you know, really hoping that we can pull out a win because i tell you what, one more loss and it is all over for the team with the best record in baseball. best record doesn't mean too much when you can't get any runs against the defending world series champs in the playoffs. yesterday it was a brutal loss. it was just so frustrating to watch for fans because there were so many wasted opportunities. in the words of jason wirth, we were just one bloop away from a totally different ballgame. yesterday they left 11 men on
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base while getting shutout 8-0. but despite the setback, the team hasn't pushed the panic button just yet. listen. >> we lost, you know, another battle. we've got a couple more battles we need to win. >> we weren't the best team in baseball for no reason. we've got a good group of guys here. there's no doubt we believe in ourselves. >> we've done a great job all year and been a great team. we played great baseball. we have a chance to do it tomorrow. >> i think going into tomorrow, it's going to -- it will be a lot of fun. we got laroach and we've -- la roche and we've been hitting pretty well all year. tomorrow it's win or go home. >> reporter: here's a look at today's starter lineup. the nats are facing kyle losh -- lohse. game time 4:07 this afternoon. if they don't win, i'm going to cry. i've already got tears running
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down my face, mike and andrea. really it's the wind. my eyes are sensitive to the wind. it's cold out here. if you're coming to the game, it's going to be a bit sunny, nice weather but it's going to be chilly and windy, especially if you're sitting in the shade. bring a jacket. >> we need some natitude and batut -- batitude. tonight vice president joe biden and g.o.p. candidate paul ryan square off in kentucky. what was once seen as a possible entertaining event has now taken on a much more serious tone. high stakes for both sides after last week's presidential debate where analysts say president obama was flat at best. the democrats are now counting on vice president joe biden to try to turn things around while the republicans are hoping paul ryan will continue the momentum mitt romney created in his campaign they got after the debate last week. >> joe biden has been on the stage before. he's been on the big stages.
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it's my first time, but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. they're just offering more of the same [ inaudible ] >> the latest gallop poll shows mitt romney is ahead of president obama. our partners from "u.s.a. today" will be fact checking what biden and ryan said just as they did during the presidential debate. joining me is one of the members of fact checking team paul singer. paul, good to you have here with us. we see the poll numbers 49% to 47%. this time in favor of governor romney. debates are really making a difference. the president's flat performance has changed things. what does joe biden have to do to turn things around? what does paul ryan have to do to keep things going? >> the question is whether joe biden can turn things around. the polls have moved in
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romney's favor. i think biden clearly wants to again make the difference between ryan and romney clear if he can, sort of separate them and say which side are you on on abortion, where are you on taxes, whose budget are we talking about, really try and nail down some of the facts that biden and obama feel were not clear enough and not made clear enough in the presidential debate. >> es that' because the president didn't -- that's because the president didn't make them clear. really didn't answer some of the issues that governor romney threw out. how has the rehearsal for this debate gone and maybe different from the presidential candidates' rehearsal? >> there's been quality time on this one. there's some thought that mr. obama wasn't really committed to his debate preparations. that has not been a problem with this one. biden spent basically a three- day weekend doing debate prep. they've been doing debate trep for paul eyian -- prep for paul ryan. they'll be pretty sharp i expect. >> we talked about congressman
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ryan, very intelligent and he knows what he's talking about but sometimes his views don't match with the top of the ticket. do we expect joe biden to exploit that? >> yeah. i think there have been a couple of issues, particularly there is the tax and sort of the budget policy that is ryan's budget, the sort of big topic of discussion in politics now. this would be a great opportunity for biden to push at that and see whether or not ryan is committed to all of it and what the details are. also mr. romney talked about abortion in murky terminology. again an opportunity for biden to try and push at that topic. >> the same thing with congressman ryan. he can also push that the administration can't run away from where we are in the economy, even now foreign policy coming into play. >> right. i suspect libya is going to come up. it's going to abtough topic for biden to answer. it's strange because this was biden's strength. he was a foreign policy guy, chairman of the foreign relations committee. now he's going to have to actually answer questions about what we knew in libya, what was
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going on there. >> one final question. it is television and going back to the kennedy and nixon debates. everyone said nixon won. the young versus the older, the well made up versus the not made up. the age difference between ryan and biden and the youth factor, is that going to make a difference? >> it could play both ways. on the one hand ryan looks young anding inic which is about -- and energetic which is good. on the other hand you want to be careful of beating up on an older man. biden is 70 but you don't want to look like a kid either. >> thank you for being with us. you can start your coverage beginning at 9:00 p.m. "u.s.a. today" reporters like paul will be live blogging about what the candidates say. in case you miss any part of the debate, you can log on to our website you can participate in the conversation via facebook and twitter. then at 11:00, join derek mcginty and anita brikman to find out what the "u.s.a.
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today" fact checkers have to say about the candidates. all the coverage you need right here on 9news now. right now our time is coming up on 6:09. we'll have more news, weather and traffic when we return.
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howard here with your
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weather first. we're dealing with a brink start. we'll warm only to the middle 50s by lunch time. lots of sunshine. highs getting into the lower 60s. i'll be back in a few minutes with the weekend forecast. over in montgomery county, things are fine on 270. you have slow traffic at route 109. here on the outer loop of the beltway heading for route 355, watch out for that accident cleanup on the ramp to northbound route 355. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:18. back to you guys. jessica doyle is back. >> she's watching your money and your car and its safety. >> that's right. we told but this problem yesterday with fake air bags. we now have more information to share with you. if you replaced your car's air bag in the past three years, the new air bag could be an unsafe fake. the national highway traffic safety administration has released a demonstration video. we're going to show it to you right now. it shows you what can happen when a fake air bag deploys in a crash simply does not work. authorities tested ten fake air bags that they seized as part
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of a criminal investigation. all ten failed. so far there are no reported injuries or deaths if these counterfeits. nhtsa says only a small number of vehicles may have fakes but your odds rise if you had air bags replaced within the last three years at a repair shop that is not part of a new dealership or car dealership. if you bought a used car without full knowledge of the history, or if you bought a salvaged or rebuilt car. air bags purchased over the internet may also be considered unsafe. the largest recall in toyota's 75-year history could undermine the car maker's comeback if natural disasters and embarrassing safety problems. the company has recalled 7.4 million cars, trucks and suvs worldwide to fix power window switches that can cause fires. this recall affects more than a dozen models produced from 2005 through 2010 around the world. this recall does include the camry which of course is the nation's top selling car. we've also told you about
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how farmers are struggling with surge in grain prices. here's a solution some have turned to. they're feeding their cows candy. cnn reports cows are being fed chocolate bars, bits of hard candy, even powdered hot chocolate mix. this is nothing new. this tactic has been used for decades to reduce feed costs. price of corn has doubled since 2009 thanks to drought and government subsidized use of ethanol. candy bars are cheaper than grain. >> presweetened milk is what we'll be getting. >> gummy bears, that's not interesting. thank you, jess. you'll want a warm cup of cocoa this morning. it's 52 degrees. >> 49. we dipped into the 40s now. >> whoa, definitely. >> tomorrow night will be the cold night. we have a couple of chilly days
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ahead. >> snuggle weather. >> that is correct. >> fireplace, snuggling, maybe twin set weather. mike hydeck is excited about that let's talk about the bus stop forecast. temperatures in the 40s and a few spots by the bay southern maryland still holding on to the lower 50s. sunrise not for another hour at 7:14. we should have a decent way with temperatures by noon only 56. 61 at 3:00. high today about 63. and by 6:00 p.m. still sunny and 59. we've got a big, really big ballgame going on. naptions-cardinals -- nationals- cardinals, first pitch 4:07. we should be falling into the upper 50s by the later innings. going to the park, a sweat shirt, light jacket, maybe the light gloves for the late innings. 45 in rockville this morning. 47 in burke. we have 51 in alexandria. 47 for crofton. our cool spot right now laytonsville at 42. loudoun county lots of temps
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there in the mid-40s. about 45, 46. outside our michael & son weather camera, good visibility. kind of dark but we do have clear skies. 49 degrees at reagan national with a north, northwesterly wind at 7. that's keeping wind chills down to about 44, 45. the humidity only 15% -- 50% so the air has dried out from yesterday. a cool day on our weather headlines. low 60s. we're going to have this chilly weather through saturday. but by sunday, that's when temperatures warm up. i think highs sunday could be in the mid-70s. then our next chance of showers will be monday afternoon, monday evening with a front, another front headed this way. we're watching storms that continue to hit southern canada, the northern plains here with rain-snow mix as the winter season is trying to come in. it's already been quite cold and snowy north of the border. we'll just have to watch these systems because as they move east, they drag these cold fronts toward us reinforcing the cool air. but like dallas today, it will be in the mid-#s on. some of that -- mid-80s. some of that warmth, that's
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what i'm expecting for sunday and monday. today a high of 63. pleasant but cool. tonight into the 40s with a few upper 30s. tomorrow 66 and breezy. tomorrow night lots of 30s. we could have patchy frost in many areas away from town by saturday morning. saturday cool, 62. by sunday there's your warmer temperatures, 75 for the skins and ravens homes games. monday looks good too except for a late shower 75. it's 6:17. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. if you're planning to head over on the beltway north of town, the good news is the accident on the ramp from the outer loop to northbound 355 was moved off to the shoulder. it was a truck that hit a pole there but it may have left some slow traffic. i see a bit of yellow underneath this truck icon here. so be aware of that. southbound 270 we'll take a live look right now. you've got the slow traffic in clarksburg off and on here through germantown at route 118. lanes are open though as you head down to the point where the lanes divide. let's go back over to the maps this time 66 that's suffering. on the inbound side the accident near route 28 in
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centreville was moved to the left shoulder but 16 miles an hour out of manassas all the way into centreville. then the pace is great as you head for the beltway. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at about 6:25. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 6:21. your weather first. chilly this morning. many 40s out there. a little bit of a windchill so grab a jacket. it is going to be a cool day but a sunny day. so the jacket and sunglasses will do you right on this thursday. here's the day planner. we'll climb into the middle 50s as we head toward lunch time. still in the 40s this morning. this afternoon looking for a high of 63. winds turn southwest 5 to 10. still driving home and a temperature about 61 degrees. michael? >> thank you, howard. for some reason, us guys apparently hate going to the doctor. there are some health risks that we all tend to overlook. in fact, there's five of them.
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joining me now is dr. steve lim with men's health network. they're trying to get recommendations out so we go to the doctor. why do we overlook this? >> women are lagging women in health care. what this drive is all about, the drive for 5 is to raise awareness and get men to be more proactive about their blood pressure, their blood sugar, their cholesterol and prostrate issues and hormone issues like test toss reasonable f. we can start to -- testosterone. if we can start to raise awareness, we would be moving far forward. >> is there an emotional connection guys don't want to be vulnerable? >> i think there are so many reasons. men are not used to going to doctors as often or early in their lives than women do. women start having menstrual cycles, they get pregnant, a lot of issues. men are delayed. they think the absence of
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illness means they're well. if something is not bothering them, then they must be okay. a lot of the diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure, they're 10, 15 years earlier and manifest themselves. 63% of men said they would wait till they had severe pain before they would go to a doctor. 46% said they were actually scared to go to the doctor. so we need to change those attitudes because as i said earlier, men are dying prematurely. they're dying of diseases that they need not be dying of and die earlier than women do. >> prostrate diseases, had they gotten an earlier check-- >> there are a lot of issues. and testosterone issues. >> the men in my family, speaking from my side of the ledger, we think linearly, we like to create a list and check things off. give the people that are watching one thing they can at least get started with to try to tackle some of these issues. >> establish a relationship with a doctor. find a good doctor that you can
6:24 am
relate to. find a doctor who's almost -- as i was saying to a lot of people, men like coaches. they don't necessarily like repairmen. you need to establish a relationship that is balanced. when you're going to the doctor, you're not scared. you have a list of questions. what do i need to do to improve. i think you can work this list with your wife or your significant other. women actually have a positive influence. in the survey, a third of the men said they were driven to better care because of women. so discuss and have the questions in front of you. what do i need to do to improve my physical fitness or my weight or my sleep or whatever it is. be prepared. otherwise a guy comes in. how you feeling? the guy goes fine. why are you here? i don't know. you need to be prepared for the exam as you would be prepared for any other exam. if you went for a driver's test, wouldn't you prepare for it? so prepare for the physician exam. have a list of questions about what is nutrition or sleep or whatever it is. >> look for and think of him as a coach. >> it's important -- exactly. because men don't fear coaches.
6:25 am
they fear repairmen. so have a balanced relationship with your physician. feel comfortable that you can ask him whatever you want to ask them and maybe bring your wife or other person to the office because they will hear things that you may not hear. >> some great advice. dr. steven lamm, we appreciate it. >> drive for five website. >> we'll link you to monika, over to you. >> thank you so much. here's a live look at the american legion bridge. things are fine here but if you're planning to head south on the gw parkway, you want to watch out for a disabled vehicle after route 123 and it's in the roadway. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. it's 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. a beautiful shot. the fans are a little down this morning because of the blowout yesterday and the nats are in the hole. they have to pull it out today. we know they can do it. maybe they like the cool temperatures because it's 49 degrees right now. heat up the bats. >> ross detwiler is on the hilda. start 4:05. it may change a little bit. >> thank you for starting your thursday here. >> friday is almost here. thanks for joining us. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace. >> it's chilly out here. we dipped into the mid and upper 40s across the region. some spots the low 40s. a little bit of a breeze. you'll notice the chill if you're going to be outside, maybe waiting for the bus or train for a little while. here's a look at the day planner. we've got a cool day ahead. a beautiful shot from our tower camera looking off toward the east about 40 minutes or so.
6:30 am
sunrise 45. high today 63 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 61 degrees. a couple of clouds came through yesterday with that front midday. this morning we're generally clear overhead a. couple of clouds in the mountains. quiet. it's cold. 30 in oakland. peat usburg 36 but 52 -- petersburg 36 but 52 on the bay. 45 in manassas. i'll be back in a little while talking about the weekend. i'm excited about the weather for that right now talking about your morning commute. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> lots to tell you as well. first of all if you're planning to head southbound on the gw parkway, you want to watch out for a disabled vehicle. that's just moved but it's after route 123 in the roadway causing slow traffic. then on the inbound side of i- 66 all the slow traffic heading for centreville. the accident at route 28 was moved to the shoulder and you're going i would say now about 25 miles an hour. so actually it's improved on the inbound side of i-66 heading for centreville. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like
6:31 am
here at the 14th street bridge. northbound 395 off and on delays through landmark and then again here across the bridge span. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. cbs this morning is just 30 minutes away. >> one of our favorite shows of course. charlie rose joining us live from los angeles apparent accepting an emmy or something. what are you doing out there, charlie? >> i came ow to do a little -- came out to do a little conference talk with some people at cbs and some conversations about what's happening in hollywood and things like that but it's fun to be out here. fly back tonight in time to do some things on the debate. tomorrow morning can't wait to see the debate, though. >> us, too. >> good morning to you. this morning we'll go to danville, kentucky to see how vice president biden and congressman ryan are preparing for the debate. we'll ask obama's senior strategist if biden can make up for the president's performance last week. also, at pen, colorado has a -- aspen, colorado has a big bear problem. we'll ride along as police confront the neighborhood
6:32 am
troublemakers. also, we'll look at new documents out this morning 50 years after the cuban missile crisis. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> all right, charlie. have a good time in l.a. and hope you get some sleep on the flight back. that's going to be a rough haul. >> wow. it is not over yet. the washington nationals really, however, need to win today to keep their world series hopes alive. >> it is do or die in game three of the national league division series. the nats were shut out at home against the cardinals 8-0. kristin fisher joins us live with a look ahead at game four and fan reaction to game three. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well, today the nats have got to win. they've got to win or else their season is over. i was at yesterday's game and you could feel the crowd just begging for a run. they wanted it so bad. but that run never came. cardinals beat the nats 8-0. and it was a blowout but it didn't have to be. yesterday the nats stranded 11 runners and they stranded 30
6:33 am
runners over the last three games against the cardinals. you just can't do that and expect to win against last year's defending world series champs. for fans frustrating is an understatement. after the game our matt jablow caught up with some disappointed but still hopeful fans after they left the ballpark. >> they had nothing. they had nothing today but it was still a cool as mott fear. >> reporter: do you still have -- atmosphere. >> reporter: do you still have hope? >> yes, i do. there's two more games and we need to win them both and we're capable of doing so. >> a disappointing game today. >> disappointment today but not the end ever the world. -- of the world. >> first two innings everyone is pumped up. wish things could have been different but hopefully next game we'll be better. >> reporter: do you think it will be? >> i think so i don't think the nats want to go out on a bad note like this. good things next game. >> reporter: here's a nice little stat playing in their favor ahead of the fourth game in this series. the sekd home game -- the second home game, the last time
6:34 am
the nats lost back-to-back home games was july 31, over two months ago. so let's just hope that stat stays the same after today's game. i think for fans, they're very frustrated, clearly very concerned the nats won't be able to pull out a win but they're still hopeful although i've got to say feels like there's less excitement in the air. this time yesterday morning there was already a line full of people, about 20 people deep standing outside the box office hoping to get those standing room only tickets. this morning you can see absolutely no one camped out for game four tickets. mike, andrea? >> that loss stung just a little bit. come on, nats fans. we can do this. don't give up yet. 6:34 now. if you thought the metro trains were packed yelled because of the nats game, -- yesterday because of the nats game, metro is expecting much bigger crowds for the president's inauguration. metro is going to ask its board of directors to let it charge
6:35 am
peak fares and full parking fees on january 21, even though next year's inauguration falls on a federal holiday. it also wants to sell $15 commemorative day passes as well. there are important deadlines coming up if you plan on voting in the november election. you have a few more days to register to vote. in virginia you have until monday, october 15. tuesday, october 16 is the deadline to register in maryland. and in the district, the mail- in registration deadline is passed. however, you can register in person at the d.c. elections board headquarters until friday, october 19. for more information on voter rental station, go to our website at look under our campaign 2012 tab. the supreme court is questioning the university of texas if it used race when it comes to college admissions. it could have a broad impact on college admissions across the country. >> i hope the court rules a
6:36 am
student's race and ethnicity should not be considered when applying to the university of texas. >> that's abigail fisher. she sued the university four years ago claiming she didn't get in partly because she is white. university of texas factors many things, including test scores, student activities and race as well to help pick its freshman class. lawyers for the university sefd the policy is necessary to improve diversity. a ruling is expected next year. >> most americans would like a day when we don't need to take race and ethnicity into account in admissions. we are not to that day. >> abigail fisher went on to graduate from another university but the supreme court's decision in her lawsuit could impact college admissions across the nation. again a ruling in this case is expected next year. this morning rescue workers in miami freed a construction worker who was trapped underneath a collapsed garage. two workers were killed yesterday when the five-story
6:37 am
garage came crashing down. this was on the campus of miami- dade college west. no students were injured. however, at least eight workers were hurt. at this point there's no word on the condition of the men that the crews rescued earlier this morning. soon kids in costumes will be banging on your door scwg for candy -- door asking for candy. >> but new tests show halloween isn't just for the two-legged members. percent are expected to -- americans are expected to spend $370 million on pet costumes this halloween according to the national retail fed ag. that's a $40 million jump from last year. pumpkins and devil suits are predicted to be the top sellers. >> did you some you have two dogs. did you do it? >> no. no. no. >> seriously? >> no. the time now is 6:37. speaking clothing trends, it's fashion week in virginia. >> black tie event for dogs. coming up next, jessica has
6:38 am
tips on what's hot and what's happening this season.
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it's 6:42 and 49 degrees. welcome back to 9news. it's been a busy morning traffic wise. i'm going to start off with the north side of town where initially there was an accident on the ramp from the outer loop of the beltway to get on to northbound 355. that was cleared. now there's an accident on the outer loop after georgia avenue. it was just moved to the right shoulder but you see all this yellow and orange? that means it's very, very slow on the north side of town. we'll take a live look at university boulevard and show what you it looks like at connecticut avenue. this is basically what you've got to deal with now on the beltway north of town as you travel through silver spring into bethesda. but the good news is that all lanes are open. let's take a look now at the maps again. inbound 66 was in trouble earlier this morning. there was an accident inbound side at route 28 in centreville. that's been cleared as well sitting on the left shoulder. you can see it's still pretty slow going down to 22 miles an hour leaving manassas into centreville. lanes are open and then again
6:43 am
slow as you approach the beltway. northbound 95 last live look here. that's been incident free. just a bit heavy heading for the beltway. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:58. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. we don't like to complain but we're trying to find the optimum temperature in the studio. it's about as cool in here as it is outside. >> i think we found a good med yam. we get in the -- median. when we ge in the morning, the lights have been off and it's chilly. but now the lights have been on for a couple of hours and it's feeling good. we're down in the 40s in many areas outside so we're better off inside. we'll show you the temps in a minute. the bus stop forecast, 40s and a couple of low 50s south and east of town. a little bit of a breeze, too. that's been out of the northwest at 10 to 15 overnight. sunrise at 7:14. looking at our day planner, expecting sunshine today. chilly. we'll only be in the upper 40s at 8:00. by lunch time 56. we get into the afternoon. winds turn southwest with highs in the low 60s.
6:44 am
i think we'll get to 63 with an 8:00 p.m. reading back to 54. and tonight we're going into the 40s. just a few 30s. big ballgame today. 4:07 first pitch. cardinals up 2-1. we need this one. i think it will be sunny and 61 for the first pitch. falling into the mid- to upper 50s by the later innings. southwesterly winds around 6. going to the game, jacket, sweat shirt. one of those should do you right. easton 49. it's 41 up in hagerstown and york, pennsylvania. it is 30 in oakland and garrett county. that's a hard freeze for them. culpeper 39 and fredricksburg 48. beautiful shot. look at your tvs for a second if if you're not looking right now. a gorgeous -- if you're not looking right now. the capitol dome, a little red in the eastern horizon. 49 degrees officially at reagan national with a north, northwesterly wind at 7 and humidity at 50%. satellite and radar, nothing near us. we've got some showers up in new york state. some lake effect showers, even
6:45 am
a little wet-snow mixing in. other than that, some other showers in the great lakes. there's no real significant weather coming our way till perhaps early next week. so looking at temperatures this afternoon, they'll top out in the low 60s in most areas. maybe 65 south and west of d.c. mid-50s up in garrett county. our forecast is sunny but cool today. we get to 63 in town. tonight we're dipping into the 40s. maybe a few upper 30s but the winds will stay up a little bit southwest at 5. tomorrow breezy. another front comes through, 66. that will chill us down friday night into saturday morning. i think there will be patchy frost north and west of town by saturday morning with low 60s for highs on saturday. then we start a little bit of a warming trend. sunday and monday look milder, 75 both days. could be a late shower monday and tuesday. still sunny and about 70. jessica? >> thank you, howard. the time right now is 6:45. i'm watching your money and your closet. what should you be buying right now to update your fall fashion
6:46 am
options? northern virginia is kicking off fashion week and it has its first fashion show tonight. not only can you check out the hot trends, you're also helping a local charity. joining me now with all of this is andrew robi, the director of virginia fashion week. this is such a great event. three days of fashion shows helping the charity. tell us about the charity. >> it's bless haven. they're a foster care charity that actually helps the children transition out of foster care. so it's a very special charity for us. we definitely enjoy working with them and the mission they have to be able to improve foster care. >> tonight's show is in rosslyn. tickets are still available on the website. nova fashion, correct? >> that's right. >> of course some of the money is going to go to this charity which is a wonderful thing. a great event that you have. we have a bunch of models you're going to show us. let's take a look at what
6:47 am
they're wearing. >> the first model is wearing peri winkle. she has came prepant -- came pre-- she has capris pants. you can transition from the colorful spring feel to fall. >> periwinkle is a local designer we have. >> that's really fun. we have another model next to her, a day to night potential look. >> exactly. a perfect transition from day to night. this is danielle. she's also wearing periwinkle. this is a wonderful top she has that complements it too. a different texture skirt she has so it's allowing you to be able to mix and match different items that you can actually have in your wardrobe. >> what's fun is wpgc fans might recognize the next lady. at least her voice because she's on in the afternoon. sonny. >> she's actually the host for tonight.
6:48 am
she's wearing a perfect cocktail style dress you can have ready and available. >> i think that's really beautiful. >> what's fun about your fashion show you have set up is not only you're showcasing virginia or designers in the northern virginia area and the washington area but also people from new york or around the country. >> exactly. we definitely try to -- definitely have the majority of our designers from this area, but we also have the opportunity to network with a lot of other designers. >> the ladies look beautiful. you guys are doing great work. one more time, what's the website so people can get tickets. >> >> thank you for coming in. thank you, ladies. you look beautiful. i'm going to send it over to andrea and mike. it is time to arranges the question of the morning -- answer the question of the morning. >> the question was, what is the last place most machine say they want to go to -- men say they want to go to on a first date? is it a, a dance club, b, a
6:49 am
movie or c, restaurant. >> one person writes i don't know. men are so fickle minded. that may be true but the answer is a, a dance club. >> and we have jessica who is going to take us to some more deals besides what we just saw. >> we love deals. we've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts and here are some of our favorites. a zeal for your favorite furry friends. pay $25. get $50 to spend on dog outfits. this is just in time for halloween. gilt city has this detail with spoiled pup boutique. i love the halloween tutu. it's really cute. a viewer angrily reached out with this deal for your -- an jolie reached out with this deal for your kids. $625 for to winter classes.
6:50 am
it's normally $1,130. it expires next wednesday. a deal for the wine lovers. 28 bucks gets you a vineyard and cellar tour for to and take home cheese and charcuterie basket from mediterranean cellars winery in warrenton. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check on traffic and weather when we come right back. you're watching 9news now.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
welcome back. 6:53. beautiful out there. kind of chilly in the 40s. a little bit after windchill. a beautiful sky. a lot of sunshine today. look for temperatures by lunch time in the mid-50s.
6:54 am
driving home 61 degrees. andrea or mike, take it away. >> thank you, howard. it's 6:54. here's a final check of today's news before you go. four children and an adult were killed this morning after a quick moving fire gutted their home in baltimore. ten people lived in that home. two firefighters were also hurt. authorities say one of them fell through the second floor and landed in the basement. the washington nationals could tie up the national league division series today. they were shut out yesterday by the cardinals 8-0. carpds lead ther is -- cardinals lead the series 2-1. time 6:54. final check of traffic and weather when we return.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
one more thing before we go. if they don't win, they're
6:58 am
done. the nappings first playoff -- the nationals first playoff appearance in d.c. in 80 years. it's because teddy won. he won yesterday as well. >> you going to blame teddy? >> i'm just questioning if stephen strasburg, sitting him down would have made the difference. >> i just hope they win tonight because i've got tickets for friday night. >> trip teddy about five feet before the finish line and we're winning today. >> we need you, mike. get out there. take him out, mike. do it for us. >> love you, teddy. going to be a beautiful day for baseball. a little cool. grab a jacket or sweat shirt. 63 for the high. 66 tomorrow. cool through saturday and warming a bit sunday into monday. outer loop of the beltway, a pain in the you know what. on the outer loop it's like
6:59 am
this new hampshire avenue to bethesda. we'll go over to 66 on the inbound side. it looks like this through manassas to centreville. that's it for me. on wall street not looking so great this morning either. so we're hoping for better things with the jobless data coming out this morning. >> hoping for better things for that, for the nats and the os. cbs this morning is next. they'll have more on documents released this morning by the j.f.k. library on the cuban missile crisis. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> while at work get your updates, maybe the nats game between innings by visiting us at don't note the vp de-- don't forget the vp debate tonight. we'll be here to break it all down starting tomorrow at 4:25. have a great day, everybody.

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